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Posted On May 5, 2011

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This blog is not being updated at present as we now have a new blog and a F***book site and of course our own independant DIY up to date website!

Mushroom and Garlic Samosas

Posted On October 6, 2010

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Just in (and hopefully available from now on) unique to Pogo are these amazing non spicy Mushroom and Garlic samosas. Made by a local family to our vegan specifications these samosas are perfect for those of us who are not keen on “hot and spicy food”  but love the texture of a crispy  potato samosa in this classic flavour. £1.50 each from the Pogo counter.

Alternative Vegan Festival

Posted On September 8, 2010

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Can’t afford to be vegan?  – try eating at Pogo more often or…. Think again…  veganism isn’t a privilege
for the rich!

The Alternative Vegan Festival is a DIY, grassroots event which will
show how being vegan doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

We can reduce the environmental impact of capitalism by through
conscious consumption.  This event will focus on highlighting ethical,
anti-consumerist ways of living.

There will be practical workshops on the day about many topics,
including creating your own products (jam, milk, booze,
toiletries…), cake baking & turning rubbish into useful stuff.
Discussions include veganism vs. freeganism, nutrition, mass-catering,
anarchism, ethical consumerism and getting stuff for free!  There will
also be campaign stalls and a cinema room.

We will have a DIY pizza stall – bring some vegan toppings with you.
Dough will be provided.  There will also be a screenprinting workshop,
so bring fabric and designs!

Come along and find out more about low-impact veganism, spend the day
helping out or just chilling out with like-minded or interested

Come to rAtstar Autonomous Social Centre, 298 Camberwell Rd,
Camberwell, London on the 7th November.  The festival will be open
from 12noon until 6pm and entry is free!

Books are back at Pogo!

Posted On March 27, 2010

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The Pogo book shop shelves have been dusted off and restocked. As of this week they will be kept up to date with all the best in radical and vegan literature that is available to us.  We don’t have much room so there won’t be the same huge selection as you can find at the 56a Infoshop or Housmans bookshop but we will have a specialist assortment that caters to the vegan taste as well cookbooks, punk, anarchist, bicycle manuals etc etc and we’ll do them cheap!

Today is a snow day…

Posted On December 16, 2009

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And we have winter fare to warm you up, pizza, curry, marinated tofu, lovely lentil soup, and we have a special warm toasty drink, hot spiced apple juice! It’s amazing.

Tomorrow’s menu!

Probably. Definitely most of it!

Potato and sweetcorn chowder. Because I need to say the word chowder sometimes. It’s a good word. And the soup is damn tasty.

Marinated & roasted tofu, with sundried tomato hummus, oven baked potato wedges with fennel/paprika seasoning and salads.

Curry involving courgettes and other things yet to be decided, served with chapatis, raita and salad, and I WISH chutney but alas we have no more of our batch of homemade stuff. Sad. But pickling time will be here again soon…

Pizza, the old Wednesday standard, big slice served with wedges and salads.

There’s an orange cashew cheesecake…it’s worth crossing London for, if I do say so myself. That and a cup of coffee? I know what I’m having after my shift. And I’ve just taken a batch of choc chip cookies out of the oven, they’re lookin’ pretty good right now. With a tall glass of Bonsoy…

I’m losing the run of myself…swoon!

Team Maverick presents…

Posted On July 26, 2009

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Team Maverick makes Nom Noms...

Team Maverick makes Nom Noms...

Introduction to spanish evening…

Hello language enthusiasts!

Another month is approaching it’s conclusion, and on Tuesday the 28th we offer you an introduction to Spanish lingo. 7-9pm at Pogo Cafe, 76 Clarence Road. Be there or be… Spanish deprived.

We’re on holidays!

Posted On July 13, 2009

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Nearly. Quite a lot of us are going away for varying amounts of time, so we’re having to close for a few days. We’ll be closed from Monday 20th to Friday 24th inclusive, and back open Saturday 25th for the weekend.

Two chefs in the kitchen….

Posted On July 1, 2009

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Leads to twice as much yum. Four specials on today, they are the following : Pizza! Topped with aubergine, courgettes, fennel, shrooms, amazingness. .

Fragrant Thai curry served with basmati.

Vegetable and bean chili with guac, salsa, sour cream and maybe some cheezly?

Summer rolls, beautiful Vietnamese rice paper rolls stuffed wtih crunchy summery stuff including mint. With a peanutty dipping sauce and salads.

Lucky lucky people!

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