Oh god! Another week without burgers??!!!!

Yes, that’s right folks, we still can’t do burgers. Heartbreaking for die-hard burger fans, wonderful fun for me, because I get to cook lots of other stuff and make up my own whole menu!! Wow!

K, so tomorrow we’ll have:

Sweetcorn and potato fritters, with cucumber relish and salads.

Dublin Coddle (yep!) served with brown soda bread and cabbage. (Coddle is a stew made with sausage, potatoes and bacon. Comfort food!)

Pizza! Not sure what to put on it yet. Served with wedges and salad

Sausage sandwiches! A definite contender for those who REALLY WANTED A BURGER!! Sauces, both brown and red, shall be available for adorning said sandwiches.

Spiced beetroot and black bean stew, served with rice and salad.

Red pepper and cashew soup (rather smoky and fancy tasting I reckon)

Nachos are back, albeit probably without guacamole, due to all the avocadoes in the vicinity being hard as rocks. It’s not exactly the season for them. So they will have bean dip, salsa, cheezly and sour ‘cream’ on top.

Faboo…see you tomorrow loveys!

Tomorrow’s menu

Posted On October 27, 2009

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Bonjour mes petits amis!

Tomorrow I will ‘ave for you…

Nothing particularly French, sorry if that was misleading.

Pizza! I’m not sure what I’ll put on it yet, but all pizza is awesome, so…

An autumnal plate with buckwheat grain, mushrooms, squash, tofu and hopefully some greens if we get some nice ones in.

Dahl Makhani, creamy tasty Indian goodness.


Cakes aplenty as usual!


Come round and see us!


Wednesday sneak preview!

Posted On October 20, 2009

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Kay, so I plan to make a lovely lasagne with aubergine and perhaps some lentils.

A parsnip and beetroot soup. Woo! Winter veg is back! Ooh, sorry…autumn. Yes. Autumn.

A peanutty-tomatoey squash and black bean stew.

And potentially, if a certain chef won’t be upset that I am stealing his nommy wrap idea…a tortilla wrap filled with tofu and tandoori mayo and cruncy lettuce.

Seeyis all tomorrow.


Hi folks!

Breakfast tomorrow will be MUCH better than breakfast last week, I promise!! Ok there was nothing strictly wrong with breakfast last week but a few kitchen disasters made it fall below my standards, and I hate when that happens. So this week the Angel breakfast will be saladtastic and you’ll all love it.

In other important Sunday related news, the co-op have talked about it, and we’ve decided it’s better for everyone if we work in a break in service from the kitchen on Sundays between 4 and 5 pm. Depending on what’s happening in the kitchen this happens quite a lot anyway, but surely it’s more annoying if customers are expecting to be able to get food at 4 and then can’t, than if we say that forevermore the kitchen will be closed for that hour? You will still certainly be able to get tea and coffee and anything else the Front of House has to offer.

See you bright and early tomorrow!


Posted On September 15, 2009

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Has a cool name. And I’m making it tomorrow. And it will be tasty. There will also be dumplings to be had with the rice dish, and some tasty sauce.

I will quite probably make a shepherds pie and some gravy containing stout to go with it.

I’m contemplating pizza, but there’s no guarantee folks!

Pogo Wednesday!

Posted On September 8, 2009

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Hello there folks, this is the Wednesday preview:

Korean stew with tofu, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, beansprouts and kimchee.

Lentil, mushroom and cashew cakes, served with tomato and onion jam.

Aaaaaaaaand, some kind of tart/pie thingymajig as yet undecided.

Cakes! There has been baking today, and the baking it did produce a rather lovely carrot loaf with cardamom & lemon icing. A raspberry cheesecake, and some peanut butter oatmeal cookies.

You should DEFINITELY come and eat.

Oh! And volunteer! Cos we are pretty stretched for staff right now, so if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time!


Posted On September 2, 2009

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Pizza is gonna be back on the menu, after a two Wednesday absence, and it is gonna be cheezy cheezy.

There’s gonna be a chef’s salad which will contain marinated beans, rye bread, a homemade dip, and a variety of other lovely bits and pieces.

And, a fritatta type thing, with squash, spinach and potato.


Projected menu for tomorrow

Posted On August 25, 2009

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Lasagne with aubergine, courgette and mushrooms in rich tomato sauce with a layer of creamy bechamel on top. Served with wedges and salad.

Lemon-mustard-maple marinated tofu, roasted and served with salads and pan fried potatoes seasoned with paprika and fennel seed.

Monster pierogi, stuffed with potatoes, peas, carrots and sweetcorn, served with a spinach sauce, a dollop of red onion jam, and I haven’t thought of the sides for this yet so you’ll have to come and see!

Menu por manana

Posted On August 18, 2009

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Can’t do a squiggly Spanish n I’m afraid.

I’ve a hankering for some Indian food, so instead of going to an Indian restaurant or anything like that, I’m gonna get up early tomorrow morning and start grinding spices and shiz. It will be awesome.

Aubergine and potato curry, served with basmati rice, raita, marinated chickpea and white bean salad and the day’s salads.

Potato and sweetcorn fritters with beetroot relish or maybe an appley ketchup, plus salads.

Tofu in a very lovely tomato sauce which is a bit smokey, a bit spicy and a bit sweet. Served with probably quinoa and salads.

Thinking of making another cashewy cheesecake….

See you tomorrow!


Posted On August 12, 2009

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Golly it’s warm in that kitchen. Today I’ve been disciplined and have been writing down recipes, there are lots of things that I make all the time but have never recorded, and since we’re now working on a new edition of the Pogo cookzine, it’s about time!

Today there is pizza, the ever faithful.

There are corn and potato fritters, served with homemade beetroot relish and salads.

There is a lovely garlicky broccoli soup.

And tofu marinated in lemon, maple syrup and mustard, served with buckwheat grain and mushroomy gravy. That turned out pleasingly!

Cakes are being baked, everyone’s cheery, and it’s just rained! Hurrah! 😀

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