Pogo Cafe is situated at 76 Clarence Road, in deepest Hackney, East London. We like it here. We’ve been open since 2004, and from the beginning have operated as a workers co-operative, which means we make collective decisions about pretty much everything, and have lots of meetings.

Pogo is 100% volunteer run, meaning that nobody but nobody gets paid. Any money left over after we pay all our expenses, goes straight back into improving the cafe. Anybody who has ever looked at the accounts of a small cafe or restaurant knows there’s not much money to be made out of it.

That’s especially true of us, as we’d prefer to offer beautiful organic food to our customers at reasonable prices. We’d also like the food to be interesting, we love curries and stews but we figure they’re easy to find, even for vegans, so we like to make food that excites us.

We also like to think we act as a bit more than a place to eat. We’ve got comfy couches for lounging on, we’ve got a book exchange and various zines and magazines lying around for you to peruse. We’ve got two computers with free internet access and indeed we’ve got wireless too. We have exhibitions on the walls which change every month or two. Every Monday we transform into a cinema and show a movie for free, often with political themes, always worth seeing.

If you like the sound of all this, and you’d like to get involved, then drop us a line at info@pogocafe.co.uk, or just pop into the cafe and have a chat with whoever is working. There are numerous ways to help here, whether by doing shiftwork, out of hours cleaning, painting (we could do with a new coat soon!), distributing our news-sheets and flyers, general repairs….and on and on and on! We’d love to hear from you.

Our opening hours are Wednesday til Saturday 12.30 til 9 and Sunday 11 til 9.

Our telephone number is 02085331214

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