Carefree Vacant Property, 6th Sept.

Posted On July 23, 2010

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A documentary film followed by a question an danswer session with the film maker.
In the Documentary Carefree vacant property (Leegstand zonder zorgen ) 7
Dutch tenants of the 2 largest anti-squat agencies, Camelot property
management and Ad Hoc property management, are followed to investigate the
consequences of living in a house without tenancy rights. Who uses the
services of anti-squat agencies? How do politicians, housing experts,
lawyers and other people involved in vacant property management judge this
rising phenomenon?

Temporary tenants/guardians, who are often unable to find a home on the
housing market, are placed in empty buildings to prevent squatting and
disrepair. By becoming guardians, tenants find themselves in a position
where they have almost no rights. For instance, the special type of
‘’licence agreement’’ stipulated can be ended without any reason at two
weeks notice, the domestic peace is not respected, people may not throw
parties and may not talk to the press without prior permission.  More than
30 rules violate the European Convention of Human Rights.

The documentary makes visible this hidden reality and tries to stir up the
debate around what are better ways of dealing with empty properties.

In The Netherlands the documentary has stirred a big public debate in
parliament and in the media.

Anti-squat agencies are rapidly spreading in Europe and are already active
in The Netherlands England, Belgium France Germany and Ireland.